Tivona and Malafama

Demonstrating Our Exemplary Hospitality and Assisted Living Apartments Investments: Tivona and Malafama


APS Investments is a place where excellence meets compassion. We take immense pride in our portfolio of works in the sectors of hospitality and assisted living flats and apartment complexes as part of our constant pursuit of transformative investments. We have carved a road of innovation and care, setting new norms in this dynamic industry, with Tivona and Malafama leading the way.

Tivona: An Oasis of Tranquility

Tivona rises tall in quiet environments as a monument to our objective of providing seniors with a home that resonates with tranquility and comfort. Every brick poured and every wall ornamented represents our commitment to their well-being.

Unparalleled Amenities and Care

At Tivona, we believe in cultivating vibrant communities. Our futuristic facilities respond to each resident's specific needs, providing personalized care that encourages a sense of belonging. We leave no stone unturned in guaranteeing an extraordinary quality of life, from engaging leisure activities to delicious eating experiences.

Inspiring Partnerships with Bee Construction

To design Tivona, we collaborated with the prestigious construction firm Bee Construction. Their skill and dedication to craftsmanship have been critical in realizing our vision. We collaborated to create environments that embody architectural brilliance and unfailing dependability.

Malafama: A Haven of Graceful Living

With Malafama, we set out to reimagine senior apartment life. Each community is meticulously planned to promote an enriching lifestyle in which residents can make long-lasting friendships and enjoy their golden years.

Appreciating Community Spirit

The educational success of Wonderland Montessori School has not gone ignored. We have been honored with a number of distinguished medals and accolades that recognize our commitment to educational achievement. These honors confirm our conviction in the power of collaboration and motivate us to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation and impact.

A Triumphant Collaboration with Bee Construction

We worked with Bee Construction once more to bring Malafama to life with grace and efficiency. Their devotion to ecologically conscious living places is ideally aligned with our objective of producing sustainable and creative construction processes.

Our Vision and Impact

Through Tivona and Malafama, APS Investments has made an unmistakable imprint on the hospitality and Senior citizen assisted living flats and apartment complexes sectors. We are humbled by the acknowledgement we have gotten from industry peers, as our endeavors have garnered multiple major honors.

As we look ahead, our vision remains consistent: to continue pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and increasing the bar of excellence in senior care and hospitality. Our dedication to building outstanding environments for seniors to thrive is steadfast, and we are delighted to begin on new initiatives that will reshape the assisted living landscape.

Tivona and Malafama are more than simply names at APS Investments; they represent our enthusiasm for innovation and compassion. Our journey in the hospitality and Senior citizen assisted living homes and apartment complexes sector has been motivated by a genuine desire to improve the lives of seniors.

We urge you to join us in our pursuit of creating spaces that nurture, inspire, and celebrate life, with Tivona and Malafama as beacons of excellence. Let us continue to work together to create a brighter, more caring future for our cherished senior community.